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Choosing a Good Password

Choosing a good password is important, but your password may not be as secure as you think. Here is a link to a brief but excellent article discussing what makes for a good password and what mistakes to avoid when creating a password:

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Data Entree is the answer

For over 20 years, Data Entrée has been developing sophisticated, targeted software and hardware solutions for a wide range of industries.

Oil and Propane Solutions

Data Entrée provides software solutions which integrate data from popular tank monitoring systems including Enertrac and WESROC with ADD Energy E3, storing tank transactions and automatically pushing the tank levels into ADD Systems.

Learn more about our tank monitoring solutions.

Data Entrée provides a web-based customer interface that uses the ADD Systems SmartConnect API to allow customers to view account information, tank information, and billing information online, and make payments, order gas, and create service requests.

Learn more about our online customer interface.

Data Entrée provides an iPhone application that allows customer to view account and billing information, as well as make payments, order gas and create service requests from their iPhone.

Learn more about our iPhone app.

Foodservice Distribution Solutions

Data Entrée provides complete accounting software designed specifically for foodservice distributors. Our software is written by people who have experience working in foodservice distribution, and it is constantly updated and enhanced to meet new requirements based on feedback from our customer base.

We have a laptop software solution that allows your salespeople to take orders on location and submit the orders in batches from anywhere they can get an internet connection. The software also gives them easy access to information about pricing and the customer’s order and payment history, and they can print order guides from the laptop.

We have an online order module that can be integrated with your website and which allows your customers to place orders, check A/R balances and aging, print order guides, review order history, and check pricing on available items.

Learn more about our foodservice distribution software.

Auditing/Compliance Services

Data Entrée provides complete Auditing/Compliance services. Working within the foodservice industry for over 30 years, the ongoing need by the manufacturer, distributor, and operators to track and validate sales, costs, and rebates is an integral component of the foodservice supply chain. We enable all parties complete transparency via interfacing with each party's existing software and giving access 24/7 to real-time information. Our ability to customize reports to meet the exacting demands of our clients quickly and in a cost effective manner delivers results and not only promises.

Comprehensive IT solutions

Data Entrée can advise you on hardware options and network design. If you want, we can get competitive pricing on the hardware and software components you’ll need.

Data Entrée can install new hardware and set up a new network. We can run cables through your ceiling and down your walls (we're not afraid to get dirty), and configure your printer/fax/copier so it is available to every computer in the building. We can set up VPNs and remote access so your people can work from home when needed.

Data Entrée can set up your email and host your domain on one of our top-of-the-line web servers. We can design and build your website using the latest internet standards and dynamic technologies.

Data Entrée can help you set up your BlackBerry and a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

Data Entrée can answer your questions about printer problems, spam blocking, online security, anti-virus software, spyware and malware threats, and how to format a cell in an Excel spreadsheet.

Learn more about our services.


At Data Entrée we value long-term relationships. We value not only the revenue you represent, but the business insight and experience you provide to us which is a key factor in making our software the best tools on the market. We’re ready to work with you to lay the groundwork for a relationship that will make us both richer.

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